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5 Tips to Help You Find a Sugar Daddy Vancouver through Seeking Arrangement

Did you know that creating a profile through Seeking Arrangement is similar to creating a profile on a regular dating website? While there are a host of great sugar dating websites to sign up with, Seeking Arrangement is, by far, the most popular thanks to how easy it is to you and its simple design. Best of all, it shows a lot of information on users.

Here are a few helpful hints for you to seek an arrangement in Vancouver , so you don’t have to muddle through it.

Read the Founder’s Book

Most people don't know that the founder of Seeking Arrangement Canada, Brandon Wade, wrote a book about the site – "Seeking Arrangement: The Definitive Guide To Sugar Daddy and Mutually Beneficial Relationships."

The book provides an ample amount of information about the site, giving you clues as to what a sugar daddy is searching for.

Don’t Focus On the Money Yet

Your goal may be to get money from a sugar daddy, but it shouldn't be what you solely focus on when you sign up on Seeking Arrangement. Instead, meet with an array of people and focus on the type that's right for you – the money will come later.

Instead, focus on what a sugar daddy or momma can do for you – what a healthy seeking arrangement relationship can be like. When you throw in money, it just adds confusion to it all.

Don’t Negotiate Your Lifestyle.

When you sign up on Seeking Arrangement, it's best to denote a particular lifestyle budget that you're interested in. The best thing to start with is Practical. If you begin with negotiable, you put more work on yourself learning about the sugar daddy and what they're looking for. With Practical as your option, you can negotiate later for another amount if you so choose.

Play On Your Differences

Not all sugar babies are the same, but it may appear like that. Be sure to stand out from the others out there to spark interests in sugar daddies. What can you offer to them that other sugar babies cannot? If you notice sugar babies wearing makeup and you detest makeup, then come across as the girl-next-door and forgot the makeup and dress down.

Have an Alter Ego

When it comes to a sugar dating lifestyle, having an alter ego can spice up the relationship. After all, it encourages the men to find out what they can from you. Be vague on the details you share, so you keep the spice between you going.

With a little patience and some foresight, you can generate a killer profile that will salivate the mouths of your prospective Seeking Arrangement sugar daddies. In the end, you'll meet some amazing men in Vancouver who can support the kind of lifestyle you are after.


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