Wealthy Sugar Daddy & Sexy Sugar Baby

Seeking Arrangement Stories in Vancouver

We all have our own Seeking Arrangement Vancouver stories!

Let's begin with the fact that Vancouver Sugar Babies are very beautiful – absolutely gorgeous, some of the most stunning young women you will find anywhere.

They are so lovely that many of these young women also work as fashion models or lingerie models. They are highly educated – with many of them still in college.

With young and pretty women like that, it's no surprise that so many wealthy and successful men are Seeking Arrangements in Vancouver.

As a matter of fact, Vancouver is right now the hottest spot in the world as far as Seeking Arrangements are concerned. The average sugar daddy Vancouver is a multimillionaire with a net worth of about $10 million, income of at least $350,000/year and in his 40s or 50s.

A sugar daddy in Vancouver usually spends between $3,500 and $4,000 every month on his favorite sugar babies – even higher than the average in the United States and Australia, which are two countries where Seeking Arrangement type relationships are prevalent.

What about the Sugar Babies of Vancouver? What are their expectations out of such relationships? Why are they in this? What motivates them? Here are their stories.


Jennifer’s story has been covered by CTV News.

Jennifer is a university student from Vancouver who is very happy about being a sugar baby. She says she has benefited immensely from Seeking Arrangements, financially and personally.

She says she is especially grateful to her current sugar daddy who gives her a monthly allowance of $2,500 – which helps pay for college fees, rent, and phone bills.

And yes, he wants to talk to her and take her out to dinner – without any expectation of sex. "That kind of separates it from the whole escort business," Jennifer adds.

Speaking about the critics of Speaking Arrangements type relationships, Jennifer says, "They don't know what it is. Their mind is still going back to, 'He's paying you. He's paying you.'"


Stephanie is another young lady who likes the idea of being a sugar baby. She recently graduated from college with a major in Criminology. She is very hardworking and works at two jobs right now – in the travel industry and the hospitality industry. Her story has been covered very well by Global News Canada.

Stephanie says every sugar baby is different, but she only looks for platonic relationships where there is no expectation of sex involved.

"So I'm open to going out for dinners, traveling, gifts, allowance, stuff like that. Things I'm not open to, I'm not open to married men, I'm not looking for a threesome, I'm not looking for a relationship, this is not the website for that."

She says she makes a perfect monthly allowance as a sugar baby, but what excites her is that she gets to travel to exotic destinations in Canada and around the world.

"Well, we could start with small places, so I've been to Whistler many, many, many times, to the Fairmont many times, great hotels. Seattle, Portland wine country, I've also been to Connecticut, New York, Chicago, I've also gone to Cuba, and most recently, awesome Europe. For me it was wonderful, I went to the French Riviera, so I did that whole thing, we went up to Paris, London, yeah, it's been great," Stephanie says with a smile.

So what's your Seeking Arrangement Vancouver story? Do share with us!


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